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Best Rate Guarantee

As a guest of Park Hotel Apartments we assure you that you will find the same or a better room rate on our website than you will on other online travel sites.

Within 24 hours of your booking, if you find a lower rate than what you have used to confirm your booking, we will honour the lower rate. All you have to do is simply complete the inquiry form below and one of our colleagues will be in touch with you in 48 hours to help you further with your claim request.

For the lowest rate to be honoured on your claim, it must meet the terms and conditions specified here in whole. The claim should be in compliance to the following:

  • Same room types and descriptions
  • The lowest available rate online and your booking confirmation must be for;
    1. The same hotel
    2. The same room category, bedding, mean plan and occupancy
    3. The same duration of stay
    4. The claim must be raised within 24 hours of making a reservation with Park Hotel Apartments.

Park Hotel Apartments will not only honour the lowest rate but as an added value we will offer 10% discount for every night for which the lower rate was found.

Park Hotel Apartments Best Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Supplemental Charges & Conversion Rates

Dubai’s local service charges, municipality fees, tourism dirham fees or any other government fees or gratuities are not applied for best rate guarantee. In the event that the lower found is in a different currency, Park Hotel Apartments reserves the right to use the currency conversion rate on the day of claim review.

Multiple Night Stays

Park Hotel Apartments best rate guarantee applies to total length of stay in case the stay is of two consecutive nights or more. Multiple claims for one consecutive stay will be considered as one claim.

Opaque Websites, Corporate Rates, and Limited Time Offers

  • Park Hotel Apartments best rate guarantee is not applied to opaque like, or other similar sites. An opaque site is a site that does not give the end user information about property name on which the available hotel room is located, the precise location and other information like brand and management company details.
  • Park Hotel Apartments best rate guarantee is not applicable to rates provided to closed groups or closed online travel agents. A closed group or travel agent is a third party provider which requires additional access or details to locate rate details and does not publish rates to common end user directly.
  • Park Hotel Apartments best rate guarantee is not applicable to negotiated rates or non-negotiated rates which are part of a loyalty or membership program like Airmiles.
  • Park Hotel Apartments best rate guarantee is not applicable to packaged rates.
  • Park Hotel Apartments best rate guarantee is not applicable to special rates that are part of promotions or packages advertised on hotel website or any other website that has direct connectivity with hotel’s packaged promotions. 
  • The sole right and discretion to determine the validity of any best rate guarantee claim including, but not limited to, determining that the claim is for the same hotel, room type, dates, and that it meets all terms and conditions, and notification processing requirements lies with Park Hotel Apartments.

Rate Restrictions

The best rate guarantee of Park Hotel Apartments is applied to lower online rate with same rate restrictions at the time of booking. Rate restrictions include but not limited to advance purchases, non-refundable rates and policies related to cancellations and changes to the booking.

Claim Window and Limitations

  • The claim window is 24 hours within the booking confirmation and 48 hours prior to arrival date.
  • Park Hotel Apartments best rate promise does not apply to existing reservations made prior to 1st of January 2017 and does not apply to reservations that are not made by a consumer through Park Hotel Apartments.
  • To submit the claim, please fill in the details below.

Hotel Response

  • Park Hotel Apartments pledges to respond to all best rate promise inquiries within 48 hours. We will also send you full details regarding your claim.
  • Park Hotel Apartments will carry out all investigations independently and henceforth during the claim process, no further inquiries will be entertained pertaining to the same claim.
  • Park Hotel Apartments will charge the guest the actual booking rate at checkā€in. The difference between the lowest rate and booking rate will be held for incidental charges for the length of the stay. During the check-out process any difference between lowest online rate and booked rate will be adjusted.

Prepaid Rates

Park Hotel Apartments hotels will refund the difference to your credit card in 30 days for any prepaid bookings booked through the hotel. For other prepaid bookings through various channels, Park Hotel Apartments is not responsible for any additional fees incurred by guest through such channels.

All terms and conditions mentioned above may be subject to change or any modification in future in any aspect.

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